As a breed, these dogs grew up with English cobblers and lace makers, wealthy Americans and French Courtesans and Kings. Some English Bulldog fanciers bred down the smaller Bulldogs with probably some terrier or pug mixes. Displaced English workers moved to France, bringing their dogs. The first citizens of Paris to favor these dogs were prostitutes. The notorious Bouledogues Francais became a status symbol for artists, fashion designers, and aristocrats. Wealthy Americans who visited Paris were caught up in the fad. The Westminster Kennel Club Show, in 1896, was the first show to include Frenchies. On April 5, 1896, the French Bulldog Club of America was founded and the original French Bulldog standard, with the bat ears included was written. In 1898, the French import, Guguss 11, became the first French Bulldog in the American Kennel Club stud book.

Characteristics of Frenchies

  • Frenchies are among the most companionable and intelligent of dogs.
  • They are kind, loyal, affectionate, and a bit stubborn. They weigh the wisdom of what they are asked to do and respond accordingly.
  • French Bulldogs are very sensitive and loving. They adore children. When you are owned by a Frenchie, you will be well taken care of.
  • A Frenchie is the ultimate clown. They'll play dress-up with the kids, guard and gently rule their "mom", and play "macho man" for "dad".
  • French Bulldogs aren't pets; they expect to be a member of the family; the most important member, of course!