Goldie was my second French Bulldog. She is a Fawn with White markings. Seeing how Calli was growing into such a fine Frenchie, I had to have Goldie her mom. Goldie has been spayed and is enjoying her frenchie family. She is the mother of CALLI, ROSE and LACEY.


Rose's Page

Rose is a daughter from Goldie and Ace. She is a brindle with white markings. She is a little more layed back than her sister Lacey. She follows me every where. She is the mother of my Fawn pied female Fancy. She has been placed with Kelly Westbrook.




Calli is my first French Bulldog. She is a Brindle with White markings.She has a great head like her mom Goldie. Calli is proof of what greatness Goldie can produce with the right male. Calli has been spayed and lives with me.

Calli Calli



STAR is a daughter of CALLI. She is a Brindle Pied. Knowing how impressed I am with Calli, I had to keep one of her first girls. Star is an awsome little Frenchie.

Star Star



DELTA is a daughter of STAR and ACE. She is a Fawn Black Mask. This is a solid girl. Just Look at that beautiful head. Delta is spayed and has found her forever home with Shawn Phipps.

Delta Delta



Sophie is a beautiful Brindle female with white markings. She is now in her forever home with Chalsea Hanser with one of her sons from her first litter. They were so happy to be reunited!! She has produced beautiful puppies as you can see by looking ather two daughters SHERRY and LETTY..



Lacey was a beautiful female but unfortunately she had to be spayed ,so I was unable to get a litter of puppies from her. She was placed into her forever home with Strev Moore. They have adopted one of Letty's puppies to keep her company.



Ace is a cream Black Mask. He weighs 22 lbs. with a great physique. I am very lucky to have a male like him. I had to search through a lot of frogs ( male dogs) to finally find this Prince. He has it all personality and confirmation to die for. Ace has been retired and lives with Jennifer Pye in New Orleans. He is the sire of DELTA, ROSE and LACEY.

Ace Ace



Duke is a Fawn with white markings. He weighs 22.7 lbs. with a great physique. I am very lucky to have a male like him. His sire and dam are both Champions. Duke has been retired andlives with Steve Moore in Chalmette. He is the sire of SHERRY.